Change comes to

The tone of President Obama’s speech was that of an adult to adults. What a nice change that is.


  1. Yes, the adults are finally in charge. As products of mid-fifties promiscuous pregnancies and sixties serial southern california divorce, Dawn and I are of a Unique Generation. As is our new President, with extra points for mixed ancestry. Our parents didn’t do us any favors, there’s no crystal spoon stickin’ out our ass. Someone recently labeled we boomers born of 1954 to 1964 “cuspers”. I like it. Cool with it. All the more-so that now, finally, a Cusper is in charge.

    We waited along time, we who as Ike children shook hands with Kennedy. Our parents gave us the high crimes and treason’s of Nixon, Cheney and Rumsfeldt. Our predecessors the “hippies”, the George Bush / Bill Clinton generation, let them get away with it. What was that lyric…? Blows Against the Empire, me thinks:

    Hey Dick! Whatever you think of us is totally irrelevant.
    We are the Present, we are the Future, you are the Past;
    Pay your dues and get out of the way! Because we’re not,
    the way you used to be, when you were very young.

  2. I was born in 1962 and never felt like a Bomer or an Xer, so I’ve been glad that our lost generation finally has a name: Generation Jones.

    And not “cuspers”! Eccchh. Yuk. After all these years of being denied a collective name, the last thing we should get is name that defines us by our neighbors, ie. we should be defined by who we are, not who we aren’t. Cuspers implies we are not really our own generation, just a segment on the cusp between real generations.

    Moot point, since Cuspers has never caught on at all, while Generation Jones has already established itself as very popular with a national following. By contrast, google the term Generation Jones, and you’ll see that it’s gained a big national following…it’s gotten a ton of media attention, and many top commentators from numerous top publications and networks (New York Times, Time magazine, NBC, Newsweek, ABC, etc.) are specifically referring to Obama, born in 1961, as part of Generation Jones. While literally no prominent voices use the term cuspers for this age cohort, a long list of prominent names regularly use the term Generation Jones for it.

    An op-ed on exactly this topic in today’s USA TODAY shows why the name Generation Jones has caught on so much, it truly encapsulates this generation with many relevant connotations:

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