Polizeros contributor DJ to be licensed cheesemaker

milking shed construction starts

DJ Mitchell, who posts and comments here, has been making artisanal goat cheese for a while on a small scale on his Utah ranch and is now expanding. This means a separate building for milking and cheese processing.

For a small producer like us, complying with the law requires quite an investment– unnerving in a deteriorating economy. But we’ve worked with our contractor, with the Department of Agriculture, and with the County to come up with a plan that meets the requirements as cheaply as possible.

We broke ground this week, marking the beginning of a new adventure. We’re now financially committed to making cheese as a business!

I’ve tasted his cheeses and they are delicious. We’ll keep you posted on the progress and, yes, plans are to sell the cheeses from a website.


  1. I will get some just so long as it doesn’t say “artisanal” anywhere on my credit card statement. 😉

  2. I guess a typo like that would make us the “butt” of many jokes… Fortunately for us, it was Bob’s typo, not ours.

  3. “Artisanal” is not a typo … just inadvertent 5-yo bathroom jokery.

    ar·ti·san (är’tÄ­-zÉ™n, -sÉ™n) Pronunciation Key
    n. A skilled manual worker; a craftsperson.

    [Probably French, from Italian artigiano, from Vulgar Latin *artitiānus, from Latin artītus, skilled in the arts, past participle of artīre, to instruct in the arts, from ars, art-, art; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]
    ar’ti·san·al (är’tÄ­-zÉ™-nÉ™l, -sÉ™-, är’tÄ­-zān’É™l) adj., ar’ti·san·ship’ n.

    Bob, word to the mature, use “specialty” next time. The crowd can’t take the highphallootyn (typo intended) word usery.

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