Just a dumb cop, not murder

Hidden Unities

Oscar Grant shooting in Oakland captured on cell phone cameras by BART passengers:
Grant is arrested with other presumed gang members for some disturbance on a BART train.
He is face down on the pavement, with an officer’s knee in his back.
Another officer jumps up and shoots him.
There follows what appears to be a look of horror on that officer’s face, along with shock and incredulity among the other officers.

Indeed, many have commented on that, the obvious shock when the police officers realized one of them just shot Oscar Grant in the back. It’s apparent from any viewing of the video.

We can’t know for sure what happened. What does very much appear to be the case is that this idiot maybe meant to use his taser on Grant for whatever reason and pulled his gun instead. Maybe.

Maybe indeed. But even so, the police officer needs to be prosecuted. No games. No evasions. Shooting someone in the back when it’s not self-defense generally ends the shooter up in prison. That the shooter is a cop should not make an exception to the rule.