Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton passes

Maybe my favorite Stooges song, “Dirt”, which Ashton co-wrote.

Radio Exile

As of 2009, The Stooges have been nominated induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Whether they get it or not, The Stooges place is already cemented in the history of music Ron Asheton, which every Stooge will tell you, was a huge part of that success. His attitude, playing, tenacity, and drive help make the band what they are today – legends. So I tip my hat to Ron and send my condolences to his family.

The Stooges, MC5, and Velvet Underground were part of the backdrop of my life back then. All of them were and are legends and influenced a zillion bands in the process. It’s a wonder any of us survived that era with our brain cells intact. Thanks, guys.