My social networking sites

Follow me on Twitter and friend me on Friendfeed and Facebook. I’ll do the same back. Social networking sites are a great way to stay in touch and network.

Facebook. They have so widgets to play with, plus lots more coming. I do find the interface a bit baffling, but it sure is fun. Just got active again and quickly got back in touch with several lost friends.

Twitter. If you’re not on Twitter, it’s somewhere between IM and blogging, with a 140 character maximum post. You can view it online or on your cell phone. Breaking news worldwide often hits Twitter first.

Friendfeed. Am finally understanding Friendfeed, and getting active. It takes feeds from Twitter and others, and allows commenting, groups, and more.

YouTube. I’ve posted 43 videos. Antiwar, No on Prop 8, other demonstrations, including the infamous LAPD beating video that’s gotten over 750,000 views.

Flickr. Hundreds of photos. Antiwar protests, Hawaii, Parade of Cows, San Francisco, more.