Bangkok airport. Protesters attacking police

So far, protesters at two Bangkok airports are still in control. They’ve seized the airports, with police unable to dislodge them and have even attacked police.

Some 400 protesters sped toward a checkpoint at the city’s main airport, hitting police vehicles and smashing windshields as some 150 officers fled. Video appears to show one demonstrator firing a handgun at a police van.

This seems a very dangerous game. But I guess it depends on whether the government is still functioning with the army and police still loyal. A collapsing government won’t have the ability to order troops in. A functioning government could simply cut power and water to the airports, issue an ultimatum, then send in the commandos against whoever remains.


  1. Bob,

    It’s been a long time since we’ve talked . . . hope you are well and prospering.

    I’m currently in Bangkok. Arrived here on Tuesday morning before the airports closed.

    There is widespread dissatisfaction with the protesters actions. I think that the primary reason the government has chosen not to take decisive action is that it wold be a violent action and that would cause serious damage to the tourist trade. They are trying to work out something but it does not look like that is a possibility.

    The tactic to take over the airport has been very effective and has the possibility of toppling the government. The protesters are hurting the economy and do not seem to have support from the general population.

    More later.

  2. Yikes. Here’s hoping this all ends quickly and peacefully. Be safe, my friend.

    Feel free to update things here in the comments or email me.

    (Michael is an old friend I reconnected with a few days via FaceBook.)

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