India: Pakistan elements linked to Mumbai

Pakistan responded by saying they will send their top intelligence officer there. Why would India even let him in the country? Perhaps because it would be a diplomatic affront not to or maybe to watch who he contacts?

There are wheels within wheels and entire agendas we aren’t seeing here.

What was the objective in Mumbai? Once that is answered then perhaps a clearer picture of who the terrorists are may emerge.

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  1. Obviously we don’t know yet for certain. But consider this: Al-Queda’s goal is to polarize the world into “us” and “them” clarity– the “true” Muslims and the enemy. (Naturally, in their view, they’re the “true” Muslims.) In that kind of global reorganization, India plays an important role: It is the third-largest Muslim nation (though Muslims represent just 13% of the population).

    An attack like this furthers that goal in at least two ways: (1) it polarizes India’s Muslim community into supporters and enemies, and (2) it moves India into the enemy camp, associating it irrevocably with the decadent West.

    This second point makes sense from an extremist Muslim perpective. India is a secular democracy which tries very hard to distinguish itself from the West and appear as the champion of the Third World. This attack speaks clearly: “You are no different from ‘them.'” And, as with the 9-11 attacks, the message is not so much for India, it’s for the Muslim world within which this conflict is rooted.

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