Dianne Feinstein was the first to find Harvey Milk dead

She was president of the Boards of Supervisors then and says it was probably the hardest moment of her life.

“I saw him come in. I said, ‘Dan, can I talk to you?’ And he went by, and I heard the door close, and I heard the shots and smelled the cordite, and I came out of my office. Dan went right by me. Nobody was around, every door was closed.

“I went down the hall. I opened the wrong door. I opened (Milk’s) door. I found Harvey on his stomach. I tried to get a pulse and put my finger through a bullet hole. He was clearly dead.

“I remember it, actually, as if it was yesterday. And it was one of the hardest moments, if not the hardest moment, of my life,” Feinstein said Tuesday. “It was a devastating moment. For San Francisco, it was a day of infamy.”

DiFi says Dan White murdered Marvey Milk out of political revenge, not homophobia, and that he was probably clinically psychotic.

She said White hunted Milk down not because he was homophobic but because he had considered Milk a friend who betrayed him for not helping persuade Moscone to reappoint him. Feinstein said Milk and White, both elected under a new system of district elections, met weekly for coffee in the Castro.

“This had nothing to do with anybody’s sexual orientation. It had to do with getting back his position. Dan White was a troubled man under a lot of pressure,” she said.

Feinstein, who has possession of White’s diary, said his writings revealed a troubled man.

“It does show somebody who has a psychopathology, probably as a true manic-depressive in a clinical sense,” she said.

Not that this even slightly excuses murder, but bipolars in a full, raging episode are not on this planet.