Don’t annoy the big dogs

I’m guessing the Somali pirates are about to get a major dose of whoop-ass.

Shipping companies: Blockade Somalia, or attack it

A simple solution for piracy

A NATO Navy assemblage supplemented by our Asian counterparts could initiate some effective 19th century policies. All suspicious boats in the Horn of Africa area should be boarded and searched for weapons. Those offering resistance are to be ignominiously sent to Davy Jones’ locker.

After a few refuse and get blown out of the water by assault helicopters, well, that will take the bravado out of the rest of them. So far, they’ve had no real opposition. That’s changing. Fast.

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  1. An old-fashioned alternative is a courts-martial at sea, followed by the hanging of pirates from the masts of their ship. That’s the British model. However, the Romans managed to irradicate all piracy simultaneously throughout the Mediterranean just before the common era; surely with our increased intelligence capacities, such a possibility would be equally available now.

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