Obama, Lieberman, and netroots

Jamie at Intoxination says, and I agree, why all the venom from netroots over Lieberman?

I can’t stand Joe Lieberman, and I intend to watch his every move like a hawk from here on out, but there is a simple fact to remember. Joe votes with the Democrats more than the Majority Leader does. That’s something we can’t ignore. Obama has a very progressive domestic issue and we need every vote we can get. Let’s not cut off our noses to spite our face.

Many in the liberal blogosphere seem appalled that Obama might not be a liberal. Well, he never said he was. Like I said here many times before the election, Obama is a pragmatic, centrist moderate. So don’t be surprised when he acts like one.

Obama understands that global warming is real and that massive government funding of renewable and clean energy will create a zillion new jobs that can’t be outsourced as it helps to stop climate change, as witness his remarks to the Global Climate Summit. This is far more important than a tempest in a teapot by progressive netroots cranky that their views were ignored.