MSG™. A game of negotiation and strategy

Our pal Wood Ingham, poet, blogger, and award-winning author of RPG sourcebooks, has just released MSG™.

From his blog, the John Heron Project.

Here we go, then. This is what I have been working on recently. MSG™ is a game of negotiation and conscience for three to six adults, what I wrote, designed and illustrated myself, with help from my ubiquitous partner in crime Becky Lowe and my genius colleague Benjamin Baugh.

It’s an 88-page illustrated paperback book, and until December 1st 2008, it’s £3.99 in print, and 99p for the pdf.

You can buy MSG™ at Lulu priced in dollars.

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  1. Wood Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 2:52 pm #

    You are too kind. I should add that I have made it available in PDF format for one week for free here as a promotional stunt: