The neocon agenda is dead and gone

The neocons, paleocons, and the rest of them will no longer have ideologues in high places of power who support their agenda. Thinks about what that means. Soon enough, the news shows will stop having William Kristol and Bay Buchanan on the air because, really, who will care. Instead they will forgotten spokespersons for some little wacko right wing faction that is no longer a player rather than be given national attention because an extremist in the White House is a fellow traveler.

Fox news will quickly morph into something else. Rupert Murdoch may be on the right but he also likes to make money, and Fox ratings are about to nosedive.

Science will again be respected and honored in D.C. rather than being perverted or ignored to support bizarre quasi-religious views.

All of that stuff and much more will be gone soon. This was a momentous election in ways we are just beginning to understand.