Cindy Sheehan campaign going off message

A recent blog post by Cindy Sheehan lists a number of strange occurrences, wondering if they might all be a Big Plot to stop her from beating do-nothing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in the upcoming congressional election.

I blogged about Sheehan on 10/29/06 (and took the photo too.)

Maybe one reason Cindy Sheehan has so resonated with the public is that, at heart, she is Everymom, a completely normal and mainstream mother – who lost her son in Iraq”¦

Sheehan has done an enormous amount for the antiwar movement. She mainstreamed it. A middle-aged middle-class mom began speaking at antiwar rallies amidst the hordes of lefties and anarchists, and middle America started listening to her. It was quite amazing.

But I’ve been watching her campaign go off message lately. A bit too accusatory sometimes, and at times amateurish. Just in the past few weeks the campaign seems a bit adrift or maybe they’ve found the game rougher than they thought.

Her blog post didn’t help. It’s being openly mocked in some quarters. I hope she finds something new and inspiring to do after the election.