Casey Serin. The trainwreck continues

When we last checked in on Casey Serin, this failed entrepreneur in his early twenties was going through foreclosure on the seven homes he’d bought with NINJA (No Income, Job, or Assets) loans and was hundreds of thousands in debt.

He vanished for a while, now is back with a new blog, TrueCasey, in which we learn he somehow managed to create a new corporation and borrow $60,000 which he promptly spent buying millions of shares of Goldspring a dubious gold stock for 2.5 cents per share. It zoomed up to 5 cents, he was sure it would go to 50 cents. It’s now at 1.2 cents. Oops. This kind of resolute determination to ignore reality in all its forms seems characteristic of the young Mr. Serin.

Indeed, both with his past and current blog, he generates huge amounts of comments, most of them inquiring as to why he is so utterly clueless. One of his recent posts got a whopping 1,000 comments. He’s currently totally broke with all his credit cards maxxed out, yet doesn’t have Google Ads on his blog. With that many comments he could probably make $50-100 a day from Google alone. But apparently he’d rather blog about his new ebook for helping those in foreclosure. It has sold precisely one copy (and the buyer requested a refund.) Apparently it mostly begs for money and promises a bigger book after lots of people buy this one. I’m guessing that’s not a viable business plan.

There’s a huge cottage industry of blogging about Casey. Check the comments this Exurbannation post for the current status of Casey and the Casey watchers. Rob Dawg, who runs Exurbannation, has genuinely tried to help Casey in the past and has, like everyone else, given up.

It’s not that anyone wants to watch Serin go splat against the wall. It’s just that it seems so inevitable and his denial of reality so immense, that you can’t help but watch anyway…