1538 pound pumpkin

Thad Starr of Oregon celebrates winning the biggest pumpkin award at the Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in Half Moon Bay, CA yesterday. What I want to know is how the heck did he safely truck it all those miles. He won $6 per pound or $9,168 and says someday someone will grow a 2,000 pounder and it might as well be him.


  1. Next year – Sue – and friends Sandi & Kirsten – pumpkin – half moon bay – prize winner, baby. (Don’t know which prize — maybe consolation). So you’re gonna find out how its trucked, I reckon.

  2. Sue once grew a 350 lb. pumpkin when we lived in L.A. which admittedly is just a wee little tyke compared to 1538 lbs. But I expect her next effort will be substantial! (It will be grown in Santa Cruz, in a friend’s backyard.)

    Oregon has more hours of sun than California during the summer hence their pumpkins are bigger.

  3. Most giant pumpkins look that way. Gravity is not their friend. They are grown on pallets so they can be easily moved, but any split disqualifies them.

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