Attila the stockbroker cleans up the city

From Blairwatch in the UK. Read the whole thing.

Capitalism is a John Cleese parrot.
Let’s give it stick and not a single carrot!
Bollocks to the dealer, the broker, the lender –
Social justice back on the agenda
Radical stylin’ going on here
Smoked Mammon sarnies and really good beer
For the poor no fear, for the rich no pity
When Attila the Stockbroker cleans up the City!

Well, capitalism survived the Great Depression, and that era included a major upsurge in hardcore communist organizing, including here in the US too. So perhaps proclamations of ‘stick a fork in it’ are a teensy premature.

Ending global warming and creating a cleantech, renewable energy economy (which is what will get us out of the current crisis) will require massive amounts of money and the cooperation of huge corporations. A raggedy bunch of anarcho-socialist greenies from the Left don’t have the chops to create and install the enormous numbers of wind and wave farms, solar power arrays and geothermal plants needed to power our countries, and oh, the grids needed upgrading too.  So, let’s jail the rich who broke the law during their piggish pursuits, and get the rest on board with taking their money and creating something of use with it – like a renewable energy economy.

Besides, I don’t want to eat the rich. I doubt they taste good.


  1. Its time to FIGHT! Strike back against these media weapons of mass distortion!


  2. Noam Chomsky’s “Manufacturing consent” describes how the public are kept isolated from the issues that effect us.
    There were only few analysts, who predicted this market meltdown, from both the left and the right that were kept on the margins and generally ignored; Peter Schiff, Danny Schechter, and Max Keiser being the ones I know.

    An independent news media is where all or interests lie, the current model hasn’t served us well.

    The interests of BP, Exxon and others have a history of controlling ecological innovation to maximize the profits of oil.

  3. There were also several financial blogs like Calculated Risk, Mish’s, The Big Picture, and Naked Capitalism that were early and correct about the financial crisis. They are non-political blogs written by those in the finance industry.

  4. thanks for the links Bob I’ll check them out.

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