Israeli generals endorse Obama

Retired Generals of the Israeli Defense Forces and high-ranking Mossad officials praise Barack Obama… from on Vimeo.

This is from the Jewish Council for Education and Research. The generals say the reckless policies of the Bush Administration have made Israel less, not more secure. They fear a McCain presidency would be a continuation of those policies, and endorse Obama and his desire to open dialog with Iran.

Tikun Olam

When you listen to these high ranking IDF and Shin Bet officers…you come away with the strong sense that not only will Obama NOT endanger Israel, but that he will act in Israel’s long-term interests in a far better way than McCain.

Several of the generals pointedly praise Obama because they believe that the U.S. policy of intransigence and isolation regarding Iran is an abject failure. They specifically endorse a stance of unconditional negotiations and engagement. This is precisely the opposite of John McCain’s view and that of the Israel lobby groups. The views expressed here should make it that much harder for the right-wing pro-Israel organizations to advance their hardened positions regarding Iran.