The unexpected return of class war

Fenian Rising says ” we need an alternative to this barbaric system” while Angry Bears opines that the wealthy are maybe dangerously clueless.

The Wealthy are poor Class War strategists. They are self defeating in such a way that they remove all ability for either side to win the Class War. The Wealthy must let the Enemy win the war in order for the Wealthy to win. I would caution that any approach toward a treaty by the Enemy to the Wealthy must be taken with care. It is not certain as to whether the Wealthy have the strength of character to accept that they are failures. By evidence of their tactics in the face of the data, forming a treaty with the Wealthy who act irrationally will be met with great frustration by the Enemy.

As the economy worsens, and it will, class distinctions will become even more pronounced. Judging from financial blogs I read, more than a few wealthy investor types really don’t get it about how angry people are getting. And we’re just seeing the leading wave of the anger now, it’s a populist upsurge coming out of seemingly nowhere. Of course, it’s been building for years. Now it’s in the open.

Populism can be a powerful force for the good, like the kind that Jim Hightower preaches. But it can also get ugly, as in the blaming of immigrants and foreigners for the problems or stoning the limos of the wealthy (or worse.) Actions like that just increase the ugliness and division and lessen the chance of real solutions. I hope we don’t go that route.