The Obama-McCain debate

A number of snap polls taken just after the debate ended have all shown the same thing. Obama won. Even more important, swing voters thought he won big.

A tie would have been a win for Obama while McCain needed a knockout to take the lead in the race. He didn’t get it, and Obama did better than a tie.

So, it now may be Obama’s race to lose, not McCain’s to win.

As I’ve said before, I expect Obama will be a moderate centrist. After 8 years of reactionaries plundering the country, that’s fine with me. Of course he’ll do things we don’t like – but no doubt way fewer than Bush has done or McCain would do.

As for the ongoing train wreck that is Sarah Palin, even members of her own party are calling for her to step down, saying she is “clueless.” She was conspicuously absent from any debate interviews tonight too.

Strictly in terms of political calculation, I hope they don’t dump her. But in the larger realm, I mean, can you imagine if McCain won, then died, and she as president had to play hardball with Putin?