Scoble on tech and the election

Influential tech blogger Robert Scoble takes a break from tech to ask fellow Democrats to do everything they can to elect Obama. Scoble travels widely, talks with CEOs worldwide, and is appalled at the declining state of tech, infrastructure, and education in the U.S.

He details six solid reasons why high tech jobs are leaving America. Here’s a summary of his bullet points, but read the whole post.

  • Our education system is crumbling
  • Our taxation and infrastructure makes it difficult to get stuff done
  • Our infrastructure is wacked and getting antiquated
  • Our health care costs are soaring
  • Our immigration policies drive the best and brightest away
  • Our anti-science and anti-technology discourse and beliefs. Science needs to be the driver, not religion.
  • An anti-technology and anti-science stance by those who fear government.

His final point is between now and election day that Democrats need to focus on building a strong economy  (and to show how much of the current mess is directly due to the policies of Republican zealots.) That’s how we will beat McCain.

If we only aim for Palin’s knees we play into the Republican’s game and we’ll end up with more of the same for the next four years.

It’s all up to you now. Every post you make. Every conversation you have. They all add up to what will happen November 2.

So, my fellow Democrats, I hope you’ll join me in focusing totally on building a strong economy for the future for the next four weeks. That’s our only hope.

I agree. McCain and Palin would be a disaster on multiple levels. Obama must be elected. And I think he will be. Now, we all have work to do to make it happen.

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