Peter Camejo passes. 9-13-08, 3 AM

From the Green Party OC listserv via Green Lisa comes this sad news.

Peter Camejo has passed away but his life and words will continue. Peter was writing his memoir and I am told only had 1/2 chapter left to write when he entered the hospital at the beginning of the week.

Peter Camejo had decades of experience as an organizer and proponent for social justice. I got to know him a bit while active in the California Green Party. He once gave me a sage piece of advice (that I didn’t fully understand at the time and now wished I had.) He helped and advised countless others too. Even when you disagreed with him on an issue, you respected him. He was that kind of person.


  1. Camejo was the quintessential political activist not constrained by schemata or formula. More than anyone I’ve known in 40 years of activism — he aggressively advanced the Marxist envelope by trying to move the political agenda away from pompous doctrine to viable political mass action for the 21st century.

    His recent speech — see here — tells us so much about his political focus and integrity.

    His POV is going to be sorely missed.

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