Geeking out

Spent several hours today loading software on my new HP laptop. It’s a Pavillion with Vista 64 and 4 GB of RAM. So, far, everything has gone quickly and easily. It’s my first Vista computer and the learning curve has been surprisingly mild indeed.

Since I plan to learn PHP, I installed WAMP. This allows me to set up a local web server on my laptop for testing programming. WAMP stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. WordPress and many other web applications use Apache, MySQL, and PHP  to run.

So now, for example, I can test a new look and feel for Polizeros on my local machine before uploading up. And with 4GB of RAM, I don’t have to worry about memory problems.

Packages like WAMP also exist for Macs and Linux. Since Apache, MySql, and PHP are all open source and free, these installation programs are too. They just bundle AMP into one, easy to install package. Nice.

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