Google Chrome, their new browser, is fast and powerful

I’ve been using the new open source Google Chrome browser since noon yesterday. It is quite amazing.

First off, it’s fast, faster than Firefox, IE, or Safari. Second, they wrote it so browser lockups can’t crash the entire browser, just one tab. In other browsers, a faulty Javascript routine can clobber the browser. With Chrome, you get a sad face icon on that tab, and you simply close the tab.

Other cool internal stuff includes better garbage collection. Freed up memory is quickly released to be reclaimed when needed and doesn’t leak, which can cause slowdowns and problems. Plus it blocks popups and malware quite efficiently.

Sure, this is still a beta product and lacks bells and whistles. They will come. My prediction: Google Chrome will become a major browser in the coming months and years.

Download Google Chrome

Read their comic book about it!

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  1. Yea, sounds great except for one small problem; you gotta know the Googoolians are watching your every move, tracking every key stroke.

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