Starhawk’s permaculture bus seized with no explanation at RNC

Oh yeah, the worms in the permaculture on the bus might have little bitty machine guns and be terrorists. So let’s dump all the people and animals on the highway and tow the bus away for a bogus “inspection”.

Not only is the Ramsey County Sheriff a thug deliberately trying to intimidate political protesters, it’s also clear he is incompetent. Look at the facts. He’s been raiding those dangerous granola-eating pacficists at Food Not Bombs and now the New Agey Starhawk. So I can’t imagine he’s been investigating anyone who might actually have serious disruption plans for the RNC. Nor, I’m guessing, would he know how to find them if he was. Talk about looking for things in all the wrong places…

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  1. I sure hope someone contacted the Mpls ACLU about this. They should not have to pay any fees or charges that are the result of a false arrest. They also need to smack these goons down and teach them a lesson. A civil suit would be in order also.


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