Leftists protesters at DNC chant “Kill Michelle Malkin” at her

Yeah, that’ll really help progressive causes… I think someone needs a double dose of the chill pill.

As abhorrent as Malkin’s politics are to many of us, no one, including her, needs or deserves to have “kill” chanted at them.

From People’s Press Collective (who have lots of videos)

Michelle Malkin was attacked by protesters and conspiracy nut Alex Jones during the “Shake Your Money Maker” event while Recreate68 attempted to levitate the Denver Mint. Another protester began shouting “Kill Michelle Malkin.”

Y’know, when Abbie Hoffman, Allen Ginsberg, and the Fugs “tried” to levitate the Pentagon in 1967, they got hordes of reporters and made worldwide headlines. It was a fun event, and they weren’t screaming “kill” at anyone, either.

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