Arrests at Iolani Palace in Hawaii

Proponents of Hawaii sovereignty recently broke into the palace of the last king and Queen of Hawaii. Kimo Akaka, aka Akahi Nui, who claims royal descent, wanted to chain himself to the throne. Except he couldn’t find it. Before he and others got arrested, that is. But then the authorities themselves did a bit of the old Keystone Cops routine themselves as they squabbled over who had jurisdiction.

The always level-headed Scott Crawford at Hawaiian Independence Blog says Akahi claims a spurious ancestry and that the attempt was a comedy of errors. “I mean come on, [the Palace is] open for tours, I’ve been in the throne room several times over the years.”

Most importantly, “I don’t recognize Akahi as the king but I support actions that help raise awareness of Hawaii’s illegal occupation.”


  1. After recently seeing a documentary on Hawaii which showed manipulations and plans that resulted in the illegally take-over of the islands… I would support Hawaii being separated from the union of states as an independent country. They should be allowed their self determination and their own course. I am sure it will be a better deal for native Hawaiians. I have never been to Hawaii and don’t plan to ever go.
    I don’t really see a use for Hawaii to be part of the US for itself or in fact
    any grand benefit for the rest of the country either. I guess a long term agreement on Pearl could be reached if thats important in this age still.

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