An anarchist view of South Ossetia

Molly Mew takes an anarchist view of the Georgia war, proclaiming neutrality in wars between states, and hopes against hope that the US Left doesn’t do its usual knee jerk reaction and mindlessly back whoever George Bush opposes. Yeah, that’s showing real independent, critical thinking, isn’t it? George Bush is bad so Putin must be good. The more obvious conclusion to those not wearing ideological blinders is that thugs abound on all sides here and few if any deserve support.

Another certainty is that there will be a “leftist” response to the conflict, centered especially in the USA, where a mindless “taking of sides” will be the way it is described. The throbbing heart of “anti-Americanism” is actually in the US left which, in its so-called innocence cannot imagine any evil in the world not connected with their own country. Knee jerk support for the Russian point of view will be their response, and this will not, unfortunately, be confined to the decaying corpse of the old Communist Party. It will be the “common sense” of far too many in the USA (and those across the world who imitate the US left) who have fixated on their own empire to the exclusion of any common sense view of how states are the same the world over. Sad but true.

An interesting corollary to such a blindered approach is that by believing the US must be behind all machinations in the world you also must believe the US is all powerful and unstoppable. Yet the recent events in Georgia clearly show this to be false. The US isn’t in control at all.

Molly Mew also features a translation from a Russian anarchist site calling on solidiers on all sides to disobey orders and not back imperialist wars fought for money and power.