South Ossetia update

Georgia calls for Ossetia ceasefire but Moscow appears to be ignoring them.

At the same time, a Georgia minister says their troops are ‘merely regrouping’ and not retreating from South Ossetia. Russian media confirms that, saying Georgia troops have broken through their defenses in Tskhinvali in South Ossetia. So, it certainly sounds like Georgia is ignoring their own cease fire too.

Russia prepares naval blockade of Georgia in the Black Sea.

BP says pipeline still flowing to Georgia ports. However the primary pipeline through Turkey was damaged by a PKK bomb. There are conflicting reports as to whether pipeline and port facilities in Georgia are still intact. Also, as reported here yesterday, Azerbaijan said they would not pump oil until hostilities are over.

Lawyers, Guns, and Money has been posting regular updates on the war and is highly recommended. Check this tidbit from a comment to their post yesterday about the war.

And this is an interesting discussion about how an Ossetian war would go from March, 2008:…c.php?p=190#190

The consensus is blitzkrieg by Georgia would be the best bet.

So obviously, this scenario that we see here has already been thought out by both sides of this conflict if an analysis of the tactics that Georgia might have used on the attack, and actually did use, was already being discussed on russian language forums four months ago.

I guess this is only a surprise to the 99.9 percent of the world that wasn’t paying attention.

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