Pipelineistan destabilizes

Image from Asia Times in 2005 who has useful background on the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline that supplies the US, EU, and Israel.

The pipeline was bombed in Turkey just a few days ago.

The PKK, a Kurdish separatist organization, has claimed responsibility, but the bombing happened outside their traditional zone of operation.

Turkey is saying the pipeline fire happened for “technical reasons” uh huh, while the PKK promises more attacks and predictions are the pipeline will be closed there for up to several weeks.

An Azerbiajan news source from Aug. 4 ominously reports the pipeline could be blown up in Georgia should hostilities start – and electricity could be cut off too.

Under consideration are different options from opening of “second front” and disconnection of power supply to Georgia from Ingur electric power station [in Abkhazia, an autonomous part of Georgia] to acts of sabotage on territory of Georgia. It has been announced unofficially that in case of start of hostilities in Southern Osetia, the specially trained saboteurs can blast BTC pipeline.

The main consumers of oil exported via BTC pipeline route are the United States, European Union and Israel.

The above, as mentioned, is dated Aug. 4 – which is before the overt hostilities started.

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