Be careful what you ask for

From a Connecticut lawyer on Cool Justice Report.

My Dad grew up on the east side of Bridgeport [CT], in a pretty tough neighborhood.

He was fond of telling me that there was a saying on the east side that if you went looking for a fight you usually got your butt kicked. Never one to provoke a confrontation, as both a cop and a lawyer, he never ran from a fight. I heard that saying of his most often when he would recount a tale about some jailhouse lawyer advising a client of ours that he should be filing a motion for speedy trial.

His thoughts on indicted Alaska Senator Ted Stevens insisting on having a very speedy trial.

For the senator ‘s defense the task is formidable as it is reported that the material developed in the investigation is voluminous. His attorney remarked to the court that this was the first time in his career he had filed a speedy trial request. Maybe he should have grown up on the east side of Bridgeport, he might have known better.

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