The Garmin 760 GPS

While this is my first GPS, I’ve used hundreds of software packages since I bought my first computer in ’74. Ease of use and an intuitive interface is always helpful, especially in a GPS that is used on the go. The Garmin 760 is so easy to use I barely needed the manual.

It’s powerful too. We needed to find a Whole Foods while in the car. I pulled over, typed in “Whole Foods”, it found six in the area, and we choose the closest one. The screen is big, so you can easily watch the map. It has audio prompts, and the pronunciation is understandable. It even pronounced “El Camino Real” correctly.

It stores the most recent 50 locations, and you can easily save them to Favorites, like I did with Whole Foods.

It can list stores, gas stations, points of interest, etc. wherever you are, and has the phone number too. You just touch to call because it has Bluetooth and easily syncs to cell phones. Thus, it also acts as a hands-free speakerphone (and the audio can also be sent to an unused FM channel.)

Amazon has it highly discounted for $370. The maps are $70 a year. Other than that, there are no extra charges, unless you want add-ons like real time traffic, etc.

Impressive, indeed. We recently moved to the S.F. Bay Area, and it’s been a huge help in getting around and finding places.