1. Since I own both an HP Pavilion Laptop and a Macbook Pro, I feel slightly qualified to make a comment 🙂 I’ll take the Macbook Pro any day over the HP. First off for customer service. Apple epitomizes good customer service. HP doesn’t understand the meaning of customer service and don’t ever waste your money on their extended NO service contract. Secondly – they may both have the same parts but the MBP runs faster and smoother – mostly due to the programming working so well with the hardware. It also starts up and shuts down faster because I don’t have to have all sorts of crap programs running in the background like anti-virus software ad software, spyware software etc. Trust me – if my house were on fire – I’d grab the MBP and let the HP burn.

  2. Sigh… I wish they made a decent version of Quickbooks for the Mac. That’s the only thing keeping me on PC. I know, I could run Windows on the Mac, but then what’s the point?

  3. I’ll give you a shopping tip 🙂 Order your MBP from Apple online and go to the refurb page (link is at lower left of store page). They come looking like they came directly from the factory and get the same warranty but are several hundred dollars cheaper. The only difference is that they come in a brown box instead of the fancy ‘new’ box. Sometimes you get a extra. I’ve heard of people getting more ram etc than was specified in the specs.

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