Stop Schwarzenegger: Sign the petition

But is the threat to cut wages of state workers to minimum wage until a budget passes just posturing by Schwarzenegger?

It’s a political ploy; of course it is,” said Sen. Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento. “But it’s a pretty cheap political ploy because the people who work hard for the public don’t deserve to be put in the middle of a budget fight.”

I have friends and relatives who work for the state of California. They won’t be able to pay their regular monthly bills should this noxious scheme by the Bankrupterator become reality. But it won’t. The State Controller has said he won’t implement it and lawsuits galore will be filed to block it.

Um, didn’t Arnold win the recall election against Gray Davis because he promised to balance the budget, lower taxes, increase services, and guarantee bitchin’ surfing forever on California beaches. (Ok, maybe he didn’t promise that last one.)

I will not fail you, I will not disappoint you, and I will not let you down,” the Republican Schwarzenegger vowed after receiving a phone call from Davis conceding the race [in 2003].

Uh huh.

So, sign the petition. I did. (Yeah, I know. Online petitions sometimes seem a bit pointless, and can just be a ploy to get names for the organization’s mailing list. But hopefully the delivery of the petition on Monday will get major media attention.)

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