Sen. Lieberman seeks pardon for convicted terrorist

Is Liberman trying to out-do David Horowitz for the crown of looniest right winger? He now wants to pardon Eduardo Arocena, “the Federally-convicted leader of the Cuban-American terrorist group Omega 7”, the man who orchestrated bombings in and around NYC and Miami.

Senator Lieberman is the junior Senator from Connecticut and the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. That he would be siding with a convicted terrorist is bad enough. That he would be advocating the release of a man who led a bombing spree across Manhattan, where many of his constituents work, and in Miami, is simply incredible. That he is doing so while serving as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, is unacceptable.

The Democrats should remove Lieberman from all committees immediately. He has become an unhinged, reactionary lunatic.

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