Google solves incredibly weird computer problem

So, all of a sudden, my laptop starting typing bizarrely. The letter “o” would type as the numeral “6”, that kind of thing. Multiple keys would do this, always typing the same incorrect letter. Rebooting didn’t help nor did anything in Control Panel. Most weird.

Needed to logon onto an important site but that password has a question mark in it and it wouldn’t type in. Couldn’t quickly find a question mark to cut and paste in so I googled “question mark” which typed out as “q4est56n 0ar2”.

Amazingly (and quite helpfully) Google found that precise string in a forum where someone asked about the exact problem I was having. The solution was simple: Numlock was stuck. A few hits on the Numlock key and it got unstuck and now I can blog again.

(My brother-in-law here on the north end of the Big Island where we’re staying thinks I’m addicted to the Internet. He’s probably right.)

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