Idiots fiddle while Rome burns

The Big Picture on the financial markets. Bear in mind this is from a financial blog, not a leftie blog

That’s not capitalism, its not socialism, its not regulation, and its sure as hell isn’t what free markets are. Our language is insufficient to describe this hodge-podge system, other than to call it a random patchwork of quasi-capitalism, quadrennial-socialism, and politics as usual. Ideological idiocy is the only phrase I can muster that has any resonance with the daily insanity.

We have entered into a fit of Orwellian madness: The American Capitalists, long the globe’s leading advocates for free markets, have become near Socialists. Halfway around the world, the Chinese Communists have picked up the baton, and are moving rapidly towards a form of Capitalism. Ironically, it is the once largest communist nations — the Chinese and the Russians — who holds much of Fannie and Freddie’s paper.

Except it’s just socialism for the wealthy here, and everyone else can fend for themselves. Much more of this class warfare from the rich against the rest of us and we may well see the birth of serious social unrest, just like in the 30’s.


  1. I don’t see it as war against “us”, I see it as rampant greed and gross selfish incompetence, a patchwork quilt idiocy and arrogance reaching it natural conclusion. Sadly it is the majority that suffers as the minority indugle themselves in their insanity.

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