Peak oil doomster gloom

To paraphrase Waylon Jennings, Don’t you think this doomster bit has done got out of hand.

That’s what Paul Kedrofsky asked on Twitter, “are peak oil theorists turning into doomster defeatists?”, linking to a discussion on The Oil Drum.

Yeah, some are. Peak oil and global warming have become religion to them and deviations from the doctrine are not tolerated. Then there’s the positive delight they obviously take in describing the imminent collapse of civilization due to our profligate, sinful ways. How very Old Testament of them.

Well, darn it, I don’t want to live in a yurt and spend my days capturing small furry creatures to eat for dinner. Nor do I think that’s going to happen. Do we face serious challenges? Absolutely. But, hey, the Black Death took out more than 50% of the known population of the planet and guess what, the rest survived and a few decades later, positively prospered. (Because there were less people and thus more resources. Not that I’m hoping for a die-off.)

So, I think we’ll muddle through.