We killed the goose that laid the golden eggs

John Robb argues that wealth distribution (to both poor and rich), corporations focused on maximizing profit above all else, and a financial system filled with bubbles and scams have effectively killed the US middle class as a driver of prosperity and growth.

What happens when the middle class realizes this? Most people don’t pay much attention to politics as long as their lives are going well. But when economic conditions sour and wages drop as prices rise, squeezing the middle class, then political turmoil is almost guaranteed.

And this could go either way – to the Left and reform or to the Right and anger at immigrants, etc.

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  1. Most of the “Middle Class” around here are armed – deer hunters and such – and dangerous – Loggers out of work for fifteen years, etc…

    And Mexicans have been around here as long as we have.

    The white-eyes have a problem.

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