Garmin 760 GPS

I’ve been using the Garmin 760 GPS the past few days and will be getting one. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. It has a large database of stores, restaurants, etc. and a “Where Am I” feature so you can find them quickly. Even better, it has Bluetooth so you can sync your cell to it, and turn it into a handsfree as well as for dialing places you found on it. You can also send the audio from the spoken instructions (“turn left on Elm. St. in .2 miles.”) and cell phone to the FM radio and use the car sound system.

Street price is around $370 if you hunt around.


  1. Geez, for that price you can get an iPhone and the new one even has GPS, not to mention full-time access to Google Maps and directions.

  2. True enough, however the Garmin has no monthly fees while the iPhone is what, $60 a month for two years for the AT&T contract.

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