1. It’s a binary thing Bob (your nickname, incidentally, on my blog), there is either West Nile or not; they either all carry it, or not. Ones and zeros, my friend, yes/no, true/false, all that. And it’s made it to Oregon.

    I used to teach Computer Science – Binary Logic. It’s a philosophy.

  2. There are many species of mosquitoes in overlapping territory– 167 species in the U.S. alone. According to CDC, in 2006 only 33 of these carried West Nile, and only 62 have ever been found to carry it. (This is consistent with other diseases such as dengue, Japanese encephilitis, and malaria, which are carried only by specific species of mosquitoes.) One article says only two species in Iowa– neither generally found in natural wetlands– transmit West Nile. Bob is correct: some will carry it and some won’t.

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