Freeway Blogger interview

I interviewed the Freeway Blogger today after videoing him putting up antiwar signs on San Francisco freeway overpasses. He’s put up over 6,000 of them on California freeways and thus has reached millions of people with an antiwar message. Yes, millions. One busy freeway alone can get 50,000-100,000 cars a day

He explains how to do this easily, quickly, and at very low cost. Use cardboard, not sheets. Paint one side white. Get a $35 overhead projector on eBay and use that to project the letters on the cardboard to make lettering easy. Then you have a “printing press for billboards” and the cost per sign is minuscule.

He says the Left “organizes too much and does too little” and that we need to get out and just do it. To reach millions, you need the message where they can see it – like on freeway overpasses.