Peak Food

From the YouTube notes:

John Gossop, farmer and author of Famine in the West, explains why food prices are rising and why there will soon be food shortages even in developed countries. Peak Food, oil and gas shortages, climate change, increasing world population with millions in Asia eating more meat so needing more land per person when there is less, water shortages, competition from ethanol and biomass, falling fish stocks and crop land losses are all threats to food security.

This is, to say the least, deeply gloomy. May we find solutions so such a dystopian future is not our fate. And I assume we will. Humankind is nothing if not enormously resilient and inventive. The Black Death killed enormous numbers of people yet the Renaissance followed it.

Gloomy predictions don’t really work for getting people mobilized. They need a vision, something positive, to get them involved. That’s what activists need to provide.

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