Sen. Dodd chairs Senate Banking Committee yet got sweetheart mortgage deal

Sen. Dodd claims he wants to reform the very same industry where he got low rate mortgages personally ok’ed by Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo.

Dodd’s office quickly responded to the potentially costly revelation with a statement: “The Dodds received a competitive rate on their loans. They did not seek or anticipate any special treatment, and they were not aware of any.”

That no-denial denial ain’t gonna play. He was part of the “Friends of Angelo” group yet says he was shocked, just shocked to learn he got mortgages at below market rates.

This has removed him from the possibility of being Obama’s VP choice. Dodd is (was?) a popular senator with formerly squeaky clean reputation in Connecticut.

The Heritage Foundation snarkily says The Countrywide Bailout Explained.

(You already figured out that Dodd was a major player in the bill being passed, right?)

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