An open national antiwar conference

“Now is the time for unity in the antiwar movement, ” says the video, and I agree.

Will there be a mass protest in DC this fall? If so, plans and organizing need to start now. The presidential campaign and particularly Obama has siphoned off huge amounts of energy from the antiwar movement. And while Obama certainly seems the least hawkish of any of the candidates, progressives need to keep the pressure on.

Reading the tea leaves a bit, this appears to be an effort by the less radical wing of the antiwar movement to do an end run around the oft-squabbling primary antiwar groups, the ANSWER Coalition and United for Peace, who aren’t speaking, much less organizing towards the common goal of ending the wars. My take: leadership of the movement is shifting from those two organizations to groups as yet undetermined.

It’s time to look at other means of protest besides just more mass marches and rallies. The media ignores them now, as do many of the Left. New ideas and approaches are needed, something I’m sure that will be discussed in Cleveland.

National Assembly June 28-29. Cleveland, Ohio.

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