Recreate ’68 at Democratic Convention in Denver?

That’s what says they want to do. They do have a Statement of Non-violence on their site and say they want to revive the revolutionary spirit of ’68. But the only parallel most will draw is to the ’68 Democratic Convention in Chicago, which was anything but non-violent (on all sides.) So, IMO, they’re either confused or masking their intent. They don’t really identify who they are and their link to supporters is dead. Color me suspicious.

Violence in the streets of Denver would be beyond counter-productive. Any group calling for it, directly or indirectly, is either an out-to-lunch far left grouplet trying to out-Left everyone else and / or deliberate provocation by whoever.


  1. Interesting.

    Personally, I have no problem (and would encourage) reviving the activism of the old days (admittedly, before my time – I’m 37). But the violence and destruction don’t help anyone. Hopefully, we’ve come a bit further as a society in the past 40 years. Then again, this election year has been anything but predictable.

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