Left wing adventurists slammed by the Left

Lenin’s Tomb, an SWP blog in all but name, just ran a piece saying that protesters should grab weapons from the police and use them against the police. Happily, most of the rest of the hard Left saw this childish and dangerous delusion for what it is, posturing by a loonie left faction who have no discernible moorings in reality (yet who of course see themselves as a vanguard party leading The People to a glorious victory over imperialism, yeah right.)

Saul Alinsky commented on this same type of thing in the 60’s saying, it is idiocy for the Panthers to say all power grows out of the barrel of a gun when the other side has all the guns. Any of the multitude of bizarre Left vanguard parties who actually try to take a gun from a cop to use against them will probably find themselves a corpse or in prison, with no sympathy from the populace they in their delusions think they lead.


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