Working class whites do support Obama

Email from a 62 yo white from Virginia to Joe Bageant, author of Deer Hunting With Jesus, Dispatches from America’s Class War.

Here’s what I think. Senator Obama will win a lot of votes in Virginia, maybe not take the state but make it close. My kids range in age from 32 to 38. Among them there are two mixed marriages and one lesbian couple. Most of the kids in their age range will look at their kids and vote for the future.

Joe agrees, and replies

Racism may be a wedge issue in some places, such as West Virginia, and it sure as hell will be used. At any rate, I’ve seen as much racism in Los Angeles as in my hometown in the Blue Ridge mountains. And maybe one of the best kept secrets in America is just how many rednecks have mixed race children or nephews and nieces, etc. I have two myself. A couple of generations have come along since the Sixties. But pundits and media sanctioned authorities, no few of them black, still dine out on broad Sixties era generalizations.

Proof again, if it still be needed, that the American public is way ahead of its supposed leaders and the media, and certainly way ahead of a clueless chattering class that never actually talks to anyone but itself.