Does the Left not like winning?

Sometimes it seems that way. American Leftist has a thoughtful essay on same sex marriage, but ends up thinking that the stance taken a hard left SF gay group, (oddly named Gay Shame) that opposes all marriage because it reinforces the capitalist class system, may have merit.

Can’t we just celebrate the same sex marriage ruling by the California Supreme Court without mucking it up with fringe rants that’ll alienate most people rather than attract them to the cause?

Especially when they can’t even get their facts right. Quoting from GayShame.

Because of marriage’s ability to discipline class structures it is now, and always has been a primary structure of a capitalist economy.

Given the marriage has been around for millenia, it predates any capitalist society, and thus makes their argument seem absurd. Like the Babylonians didn’t pass down property and wealth via marriage. Or that this wouldn’t happen in a Marxist society. After all, they have private property too. It’s just the means of production that are owned by the State. (Or rather that’s how Marx envisioned it, the practice of course was somewhat different.)

American Left ends by referring to Marcuse, saying gay marriage might be a trick of the ruling class, a deliberate increase in individual rights so as enforce more collective repression.

Sheesh. We just got a big fat victory handed to us. Why does the Left too often seem to insist on making everything dire and gloomy?

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