Obama favors class-based affirmative action

Twice during the primary campaign, Obama has been asked by George Stephanopoulos, who handled a review of affirmative action policies for President Clinton, whether or not he believed his own fairly privileged daughters deserve affirmative action preferences in college. Both times he answered no.

Obama then went further to say that low income and working class people of all colours deserve special consideration.

Not only does this make excellent sense, it would also have the desirable side effect of introducing the discussion of class into the political mainstream instead of maintaining the current bizarre fiction that class somehow doesn’t exist in the US.


  1. Soooo… would this mean relieving the student loan debt I accrued as single parent raising four children alone, pursuing the most efficient means I could find to effectively raise my family?

    Not that the degree(s) has done me a bit of good, my y’all.

  2. Well, I got a B.A. in Psychology…

    Then went back to college ten years after that to get a 2 year degree in computer programming (which really was useful in terms of jobs)

    Schooling broadens your horizons and teaches you how to think, so maybe it wasn’t a total loss.

    Maybe President Obama will do something about student loan debt.

  3. Hell, my degree’s in Theology. Talk about not very useful in the marketplace! I’m not even religious. (At the time, I was the only Buddhist in the Theology department at a Catholic university. I’m not very Buddhist anymore.) But I loved it, and if I had the chance, I’d go back for a

    I guess I’m un-American– I paid my student loan. Everyone told me, “No one pays their student loans, they just keep getting deferrals.” But I’m a little old-fashioned: I hate debt.

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