More from those zany comedians at NAR

Financial bloggers, especially those who cover real estate, look forward with glee to the eternally optimistic announcements from the National Association of Realtors that, by golly, we’ve turned the corner, those pesky speed bumps are behind us, and all is rosy now for real estate.

NAR has been consistently and steadfastly wrong for months, if not years now. So bloggers wait for their next everything-is-just-fine announcement so they can be properly mocked.

NAR continues to not disappoint

Existing homes sales fall; NAR seeks a PhD in Absurdism

Regardless of the data or what their own agents say, the folks at the NAR cannot help but shill for their industry — even when it has become totally counter-productive. They are apparently quite happy with being known as the Worst. Forecasters. Ever.

Perhaps the absurdist commentary that accompanies each monthly release means someone at the NAR is trying for a doctorate in Absurdism, and these monthly releases are their doctoral thesis. Nothing else (short of blunt head trauma) explains the ridiculous monthly spin.